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Sep 14, 2011 11:00am EDT
to begin to appear before the united nations general assembly, and he is scheduled to leave this coming friday. is the president leaving this coming friday? a week from this coming friday and he is scheduled to leave to go to new york to speak before the u.n. general assembly, and some time in the coming days we expect this to be resolved. there is a sense now that this could be happening any time. and it is hard, really hard to predict as in terms of how fast it is going to happen. but it seems now pretty fair to say that there is no doubt that it will happen. >> and ann curry is in teheran reporting for us. ann, thank you very much. >>> we will talk about what is happening in this country and the president touring the states here to north carolina to sell his jobs bill. we want the show you live pictures of the president now about to leave or arriving in north carolina, sorry. he is just arriving. this is on the promotional tour as i mentioned, trying to sell the jobs bill, the american jobs act, and the president is going to be speaking to some of his major political rivals in the ho
Sep 19, 2011 11:00am EDT
where he is scheduled to attend the united nations general assembly. before leaving, he told reporters he planned to discuss quote reforms in world management at the u.n. meeting. >>> while skeptics continue to voice their doubts about the president's jobs plan, he still has one major figure in his corner. bill clinton. in a "today" show exclusive, expressed support not only for the plan, but the president's proposal making millionaires pay more. >> republicans in washington always say the same thing. any tax on any upper income person is bad because they're job creators. it's an insult to those people. they don't mind being asked to pay their fair share. >> the former president is bringing together the top minds in the world of business in new york for his sixth global initiative this week. the question is why aren't more democrats cheerleading the president's economic policies? jared bernstein is a contributor and served as chief economist for joe biden. it's nice to see you this morning. let's get straight to it, talk about the president's new initiatives. republicans are balking, b
Sep 23, 2011 11:00am EDT
at the united nations. abbas is scheduled to speak before the general assembly shortly. the u.s. has been leading efforts to avoid a dramatic showdown at the u.n. over the statehood issue saying statehood can only come as a direct result of know,s. benjam benijamin netanyahu will delive an address just after the president speaks. >>> and an emergency funding bill narrowly passed by the house late last night in the hopes of keeping the government running into november. keeping the lights on. we'll follow that. this as opposed to spending cuts and disaster coverage. we'll watch and see how that vote comes down. >>> wall street facing more possible losses after the dow plummeted 320 points pap drop as recession fears loom. on track for the worst week in almost three years. as we look at what the boards are doing today, it's in positive territory for the moment with green arrows. the wall street sell-off yet was due to fears of the europe pen debt crisis and concerns the fed is running out of tooling to avert and economic slowdown. keep seeing deep drops around the world and particularly in e
Sep 22, 2011 11:00am EDT
of iranian americans are outside of the united nations building to protest the presence of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. a short time from now, he is set to address the u.n. generalcy s -- general assembly. in years gone by he's insinuated the american government was behind 9/11 and claimed homosexuality doesn't exist in iran. and can we expect more of the same today? i am joined now by bobby goesh. what do you expect today? >> if anything it is set up so he is probably going to be even more inflammatory. understand he is coming to new york, the weakest he's ever been in his presidency. the arab spring is completely destroyed his hopes of extending iranian influence in the arab world. he's having tremendous difficulty with his greatest ally, syria, which is in meltdown. and at home he's having sort of serious competition with the clergy, with the alternative power. he is coming to new york. he's very weak. even the episode where he released scott and josh. they announced they were going to be released immediately and the clergy said no, they are not. they are questioning him and pus
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)